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We understand that choosing the right agency can be challenging and overwhelming. Read experiences from other intended parents, surrogates and egg donors who chose our surrogacy agency before you.

For some people, becoming a parent is something they know they want to do from a young age. They see babies and children and know that one day they’ll have one. Other people need to wait a little time to come to this decision. There’s nothing worse for someone who wants to become a parent than to learn they are infertile or there is something else preventing them from conceiving.

Our agency is here to help people who are in these situations to get the children they thought they would never have. We are ready and waiting to assist you in making your dreams of parenthood a beautiful reality.

While our agency is based in California, we’ve helped people from around the world become parents through international surrogacy. If you are interested in becoming a surrogate or becoming a parent, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We welcome everyone and anyone to our program, no matter their marital status, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. We’ve made parents out of people across every background.

We like to keep everything as simple and fast as possible because we understand that – when you are an intended parent – that day you are holding your precious bundle of joy can’t come fast enough.

Los Angeles Surrogacy CenterLos Angeles Surrogacy Center
4.6 Stars - Based on 9 User Reviews


First time being a surrogate, and it was truly a life changing experience. My case manager Tina Medina was the absolute best. Always checking up on me making sure I was ok, and asking if I ever needed anything. Always encouraging, and very professional. I believe out of the whole experience, that is one thing that I am going to miss…her. If it is in your heart to become a surrogate, I do encourage for you to try this agency. You will not be disappointed. I’m glad that I made a good choice on picking this agency.

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Selina GutierrezSelina Gutierrez

I applied with this surrogacy agency because they offer great compensation and benefits. I just passed the medical screening. I’m so grateful and excited to help a couple in need.

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Jennifer NelsonJennifer Nelson

I had a successful surrogacy. I can rest assured I have a great support system behind me. I highly recommend this surrogacy agency!

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Mandy LobdellMandy Lobdell

I’ve completed two surrogacy journeys as a surrogate with this agency. I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone considering becoming a surrogate.

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Julie OwensJulie Owens

Great experience as a first time surrogate!

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Jeannette BlueJeannette Blue

Unfortunately not happy delivery for surrogate baby was may and yet I’m still owed back payments and now a 700 hospital bill that’s affecting my credit at… Read More

Ashley V.Ashley V.

Surrogacy’s path is a long and winding one and whether carrying or looking for a carrier, finding a “match” was something I was told would absolutely be… Read More

Nicole M.Nicole M.

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