What Are the Requirements for Surrogacy in California?

Are you interested in becoming a surrogate? Do you meet the requirements to become a surrogate in California? Keep reading to find out if you can become a California surrogate.

If you’re a woman that has felt the calling to help others become parents, then you’ve likely considered becoming a surrogate in California. There are some requirements attached to it though, so you have to ask yourself if you meet the requirements to become a surrogate mother. Different surrogacy agencies can have their own requirements for surrogates to meet.

California surrogacy requirements can vary between different professionals, but our guide below will give you a good overview of the standard requirements for California surrogates. This should give you a good idea of if you meet the requirements to become a surrogate in CA.

Is There an Age Limit to Become a Surrogate in California?

Every surrogacy professional in California, and the United States as a whole, adheres to the age restrictions for surrogacy. The reason for this age restriction is the physical toll that pregnancy takes on the human body. There is also the ever-present risk of pregnancy to consider.

The exact minimum age for surrogates can vary between different agencies, but the standard age requirements for surrogates in California are between 21 and 38 years old.

What are the Health Requirements to Become a Surrogate in CA?

Some women considering becoming surrogates may be worried that a health condition can prevent them from being a surrogate mother in California. We’ve heard questions related to the potential weight requirements to become a surrogate, if women can become surrogates after having complications during pregnancy, if women can become surrogates after tubal ligation, and if it’s possible to become a surrogate mother without having been pregnant before.

There are some health restrictions on becoming a surrogate in California and they apply to the entire United States. These restrictions are put in place to guarantee the safety of surrogates as much as possible. They are also there to protect everyone involved in the process, including the baby. These requirements are in place to protect everyone physically, financially, and legally.

Here are some of the health requirements to become a surrogate in California;

  • Having successfully given birth in the past without any complications
  • Having had less than five previous vaginal births or three caesarean births
  • Be drug-and-smoke-free, including being free from second-hand smoke
  • A BMI of under 32

If you do meet the health criteria to become a surrogate, then you’ll have to undergo medical screening. This screening process ensures that you are healthy enough for the surrogacy process. This includes the fertility treatment and embryo transfer process.

Are There Mental and Emotional Requirements to Become a Surrogate in California?

You will be required to meet emotional and mental criteria to become a surrogate in California. Understanding the emotions attached to surrogacy is one of the best qualifications that a California surrogate can have. In general, potential surrogates have to complete a psychological screening process. One of the most important requirements to become a California surrogate is to have a strong, reliable support team ready at home.

Are There Any Other Requirements to Become a Surrogate in California?

There are some other requirements to become a surrogate that could prevent you from becoming a surrogate. Again, different surrogacy professionals in California can have their own requirements. In general though, most of them will require:

  • You are a permanent U.S resident or citizen
  • You can complete a background check
  • You are ready and able to travel for surrogacy and pregnancy-related health appointments for up to a year
  • You have the support of a partner, friend, or family member

If you do meet hose requirements, then families in California can benefit greatly from your giving nature. Becoming a surrogate in California is a great way to give something priceless to someone who has dreamed of having a child of their own. If you meet the requirements to become a surrogate in CA and are ready to get started, then get in touch with our surrogacy agency in Los Angeles.